Client / Photographer Agreement

Photographer will provide:
• Full-day (up to 8 hours) of photography coverage (including the shot list created by photographer + client)
• Disc(s) of full-resolution picture files (minimum of 200 premium, color corrected, blemish-edited, photos)
• Turn-around time of 6-8 weeks

Client will provide:
• Payment of $1,200 for photography services
• 50% deposit upon contract signing, balance due day of wedding
• Meals for the photographer (most convenient to eat when everyone else does, so no photo opportunity is missed)
• A list of desired family photo combinations & an assistant to help round up family members during family photos (can be a friend, family member, wedding coordinator, etc.)

Checks made payable to:
Daniel Sumpter
2040 Muirfield Circle
Elgin, IL 60123

Wedding Details

Main Contact for Photographer *
Main Contact for Photographer
For example, Wedding Planner, Mother of the Bride, or another accessible person on the day-of
Main Contact Mobile Phone *
Main Contact Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone (Bride):
Mobile Phone (Bride):
Mobile Phone (Groom):
Mobile Phone (Groom):
Date of Wedding
Date of Wedding
Wedding Venue Address:
Wedding Venue Address:
Are there preparation locations for bride and groom different than the wedding venue?
If so, please specify preparation locations below
Please tell me when/where to arrive and an estimated time I'll be done:
**I can help shape this with you. If you already have a file with your schedule, you can email it to me at the address below. Otherwise, please type up a general schedule of the day (preparations, bride and groom photo shoot, family/bridal party photo shoot, ceremony, reception, send-off, etc.)

Upon submitting, I will email you a signed agreement. Client should then sign it, enclose it with the deposit included and mail to the address above.
Thank you!

- Dan Sumpter



Please keep this for your records.

Address: 2040 Muirfield Circle • Elgin, IL • 60123
Cell: (209) 277-5509